Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Better Business Cards

he wonderfully talented Bob Barner turned me on to the best business card product I've found. They are not the least expensive but, as a promotional vehicle, they couldn't suit my purposes better. I buy Moo Cards, printed in London, England:

What I love about the regular size and the mini cards is that an artist can upload from 50 to 100 different images so you are carrying around a miniature portfolio at all times.

I just ordered my latest batch of 200 regular size cards. I uploaded 50 images and will get 4 of each design. Here is a small sample of the details I chose from I Call My Grandma Nana and I Call My Grandpa Papa.

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WendyBee said...

Hi Ashley,
So I am now visiting your blog! I too am a New Englander, and lived "away" for several years but I'm back. Love your photos, especially the border collie and the mostly-submerged birch tree reflected in the mirror-still water.
Have fallen in love with your work - fan for life!