Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I Call My Grandpa Papa

“My Dedushka is amazing, He can make things disappear. And once he found a quarter-- Right here in my ear!”

“Ojii-San is tall and strong.
He lifts me way up high
So I can see the whole parade
As it goes marching by!”

“My Opa took me camping
And the part I loved the most
Was eating the marshmallows
He taught me how to toast”

“Nonno takes me to his barbershop.
We sit in two big chairs,
And a nice man named Rosario
Cuts off all our hairs.”

I have just finished 2 new books for Tricycle Press. This one is called
I Call My Grandpa Papa

They are about the different names chosen by grandfathers from different world cultures and from here in the United States. They are illustrated with a collage technique I used for the 1st time here.

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